Bluffdale City Hall

In 2015, Bluffdale City Council and Administration set forth to construct the municipalities second building project in the cities young history. With multiple city departments located in various surrounding cities, it became evident that consolidation was necessary to conduct the business of Bluffdale City and create a central point for public interaction. It was critical for Bluffdale City to create simplistic way-finding throughout the design.

As this facility is only the second constructed by Bluffdale City and will serve as the central point for its municipal services, a new identity would be required. The building’s façade is constructed utilizing brick veneer, pre-cast concrete accents and metallic horizontal paneling– the resilient material palette will provide for a sustainable envelope that will require minimal maintenance.

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The Mayor of Bluffdale has created some great videos using a drone that shows off the construction of the project. Visit our YouTube page and you can find them in the section showing videos we have liked.

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