State of Utah DLD/DMV

This new Driver’s License/Division of Motor Vehicle Facility is the largest service center in the State and is located to serve the Southern Salt Lake valley and Northern Utah Counties. Designed to comfortably assist a large volume of customers, the facility includes Service Counters, Drive-up Service Windows, Testing Areas, Hearing Rooms, Training Areas, Road Test Coordination, and a Truck Testing Range.

The facility was design and constructed to exceed the State of Utah’s High Performance Building Sustainability Standards

Size – 23,350 S.F.; Completed – 2008; Location – Draper, Utah

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The State of Utah needed to relocate and consolidate locations.  The facility combines two high public volume departments under one roof with common lobby and support spaces.  JRCA worked with a sloping site to configure parking, facility and CDL driving range along the slope.  Traffic flow of large and small vehicles was critical in the organization of the Site.  A drive through transaction area was also implemented on the Department of Motor Vehicles side of the facility.