Dixie Area Youth Detention Center

Selected through a design competition sponsored by the State of Utah, JRCA Architects was tasked with creating a design that provides a safe, supportive environment for the rehabilitation of youth. Coupled with the housing units is a strong educational component. The central location of the education facilities allows easy access for outside educational staff in a controlled fashion. The design utilized two main corridors hinging on a central control room. From this vantage point, visibility through major circulation paths in both secure and non-secure areas is monitored.

The remote location of this facility and the harsh climate required specific energy conserving strategies to be employed. The building is specifically oriented to mitigate the intrusion of blowing sand into the facility. Ground source heat pumps provide a majority of heating and cooling needs. Xeriscape landscaping compliments the harmonious desert colors of the facility.

The facility was design and constructed to exceed the State of Utah’s High Performance Building Sustainability Standards.

Size – 40,000 S.F.; Completed – 2001; Location – Hurricane, Utah

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Detention Consultant HSMM assisted in the Design of this facility.