Highland City Hall and Justice Center

Highland City, Utah, located at the foot of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Range, is now one of the fastest growing cities in Utah County. As the community passed the 15,000 population mark in 2006, the City made plans to centralize services on a New City Hall and Justice Facility campus. The City Hall contains 18,500 s.f. and also houses their library. The Justice Building is 16,500 s.f. The landscaped plaza between the two buildings reinforces a Civic Campus ‘Feel’.

City Hall 18,500 S.F.; Justice Building 16,500 S.F.; Completed 2008

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The facility serves the following functions:

  • City Hall
  • Police
  • Justice Courts
  • Emergency Services
  • Community Assembly Spaces
  • Exhibit and Display Areas
  • Library