West Jordan Police and Justice Center

The JRCA team, including programming consultant AECOM worked closely with the City, providing Needs Assessment, existing Facilities review, site evaluations, programming, design, and construction administration.

The facility is situated along West Jordan’s main thoroughfare, Redwood Road. The architecture of the facility harmonizes with the existing City Hall facility and the new Fire Station. The building is placed closer to the street to complete the definition of the City Plaza created in front of City Hall. The design of the facility conveys a more traditional form along the Redwood Road façade to continue the formal presence established with City Hall and the fire station. The west elevation of the facility provides a less formal form with a strong and well defined entry, serving as a landmark to the facility from the adjacent city parking lot.

Secure police and courts parking is situated to the south of the facility in a location that is away form public circulation patterns, but allows easy access to streets.

Circulation patterns within the building strictly limit interaction between police, detainees, court personnel and the public to specific controlled areas.

Size – 51,000 S.F.; Completed – 2005; Location – West Jordan, Utah

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Police functions include:

  • Detectives
  • Patrol
  • Crime Victim Advocates
  • Crime Analysis Laboratory
  • Community Policing
  • Police Records
  • Physical Training
  • Administration
  • Information Technology Officers
  • Intake and Holding for 16 detainees
  • Sally Port
  • Finger printing
  • Evidence processing and storage
  • Mobile Command storage

Courts functions include:

  • Single arraignment/trial courtroom
  • Future trial courtroom
  • Judges chambers
  • Court records
  • Traffic referee
  • Attorney/Client conference rooms
  • Prosecutors offices
  • Court Holding

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