South Jordan Animal Control Building

South Jordan Animal Control Building

South Jordon’s existing animal control building was undersized and lacked security and proper sanitation provisions to meet the needs of this growing community.  JRCA Architects, Inc. worked closely with the City’s Animal Control Officers, Public Safety Administration, and adjacent property owners to develop a ‘state of the art’ facility that will serve the Community for many years.

Numerous existing animal facilities were toured and examined to determine the best methods of addressing such issues as reducing animal stress, public interaction, security, safety, segregation, operations, and sanitation.  The recommendations and concerns of the officers and staff remained at the forefront of every decision.

Located between the Salt Lake County Equestrian Track, a City softball complex, residential development and other major recreation facilities, the design addressed the challenges of sound and odor control and visual screening while providing an inviting public image.

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Square Feet:    4,700; Completed:    2007

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